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3 Strategies for Getting Meetings with CEOs


Sales are your lifeblood, your passion. Daily you and your team must face customers and the bottom line is – you must sell.  So you have your strategy, and your plan and you get the appointment and then nothing. You can’t finalize the sale because you haven’t reached the person at the top to sign the deal.  The CEO’s door is closed. And that’s the door you have to get opened.

While your team does make sales, your sales people are not at the top of what could be. And the process of failing to close with the person in the C-suite repeats itself. Your company is relying on you and your team to produce, and you have to deliver.

You know that your team have the selling skills and they are prepared but how do you get doors to open that are currently closed? Fortunately, there is help. Companies like IBM use strategies that get those doors to open.  That’s what this white paper will do for you.

  • You will learn the 3 strategies that top sales teams use to get your team into the offices of the CEO or CFO
  • You will find 2 email templates for you to use to adapt to send to those in the C-suite whose doors you want to get opened

This white paper will teach you what you need to know to get your sales team into the offices of the person who can seal the deal.  Your success depends upon it.

So let’s get started.