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Web site content – are your employees connected?

Are you a one person company, with a web site that tells who you are and what you do?  Or, are you a company website that shares not only what you do but indirectly what your employees behind the site are doing and how they will interact with your customers?

Both sites want to share customer stories and explain your product and services.  But when you are the sole owner and content manager, you have the flexibility and responsibility to ensure that your content reflects your business and your communication needs.

For the business owner with employees, you want to be sure that what you say on your website about customer service, your products and services, are the same things your employees are saying when they speak with customers.

It can be hard to be coordinated, when everyone is busy but there are some things to keep mind to ensure your employees are on the same page.

  • Are your employees aware of the website? 
  • Do they know what’s on it?

 If you are in the process of developing your website here are some points to consider:

  • Ask your employees to fill in a survey to get a sense of the company awareness of the web site and your goals as a company
  • Ask for feedback from your employees to see what ideas they have for the website
  • Check in with your customers either informally as your employees speak with them or through a site survey to find out if they feel the same way about the information on the website and more importantly if their interactions with the company are all on the same page

While it may seem a lot of fuss just to gauge the website success, you want to ensure the customer’s first impression from their website visit is sustained through all contact with your company.  And just as important is including your employees I the communication process.  You don’t want a disconnect between the customer and employee to disrupt growth and your business success.

Surveys are one part of the process.  You are also want to be sure the information on your site is up-to-date and complete.  How do ensure that what is on your website is the information you need to convey.  It does depend on when your website was created, who is responsible for information updates and how often you update your site.  These are topics for another post.

The takeaway from this post is to ensure your employees and your website both provide the same story when communicating with customers.