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Overcoming the effects of social distancing and reduced activities

Winter and pandemic blues can affect all populations, from children to teens and adults. While daylight is inching its way to make longer days, we are still faced with early darkness, cold that gets into our bones, and few diversions to take our mind off the vaccine rollout and the separation from family and friends.

We all know it is for the best to continue to keep to our own households and wearing a mask is routine along with washing hands multiple times in a day.  The routine is all too familiar and tedious.  There seems to be no end to the sameness of these activities, reassuring in combating the disease, yet all too repetitive to spark enthusiasm for making the most out of a day.

It is not hard to understand that many people feel low at this time of year, perhaps for brief periods of time. For some it is a constant.

The upcoming Bell Let’s Talk Day is a reminder that we need to be on guard against the malaise that can creep into our souls and we must reach out to those around us to ensure that the mental health of those close to us and ourselves, is a priority and taken most seriously.