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Case Study Two

Case Study Sample

Kinnear Office Furnishings connects to land appointments and sales

Many companies know the routine of making cold calls that go nowhere, failing to connect with the ‘right’ person.   And most important wasting valuable time with no return.

Not reaching the right contact

Kinnear Office Furnishings knows the effort in trying to set more appointments to increase sales.  They are a mid-size company specializing in interior design for companies. CEO Janice Bell noted that “identifying who in the company we need to contact” as one of their biggest issues. She said her sales team needed to “aggressively network” just to get in.

With limited sales growth and a product “difficult to sell”, they looked at ways to increase the success rate of the contacts the sales team made and the amount of sales produced.


That’s when they found the 5-Step Networking Method from Smith Training & Consulting Inc.

While it can be hard to get sales people into training, the 5-Step Networking Method is only two days and designed for busy sales people. “And they really liked the virtual training modules that they could access anytime and the fact that they could email Michael himself to ask questions and get advice”.

The 5 step program enabled Kinnear’s sales team to connect with better quality prospects that allowed them to make more sales.  They were also able to make new contacts faster without cold calling.

The virtual training in 12 – 20 minute convenient modules kept the Kinnear sales team learning.  The 6 month personal support with Smith Training & Consulting meant continued mentoring for their new skills, and an increase in sales for the company.

Results- Increased contacts and sales

Janice noted that “right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement right away”. 

 The 5-Step Networking Method was so effective it increased their new contacts each week by 20 -30%!

Janice summed up saying “without a doubt, it’s a very effective program especially for sales like ours that rely on networking to build sales.  I’d highly recommend it!”


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