Get ready! Get set! Get started! And you’re off to follow a business plan and your hopes and dreams for building your company.  It is Small Business Week and no […]

The design argument on the renovation to the Chateau Laurier is an interesting dilemma.  On the one hand there are the owners of the Chateau Laurier, Larco Investments, who believe […]

What's next after plastic?

At Farm Boy the other day, the woman in front of me was getting her purchases put into paper bags and the women behind me had brought along her own […]

One of my favourite activities is walking.  It is one of the easiest ways to exercise and you can’t beat the cost.  But sometimes, walking the same path day gets […]

You have written content for your web site.  You have given your readers information on your product or service that will resonate with your readers– or perhaps not. In writing […]

With verbal and non-verbal exchanges in communication, it is easy to see how meaning can get lost.  Wherever we go there is the written or the spoken word. But so […]