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Jane McGuire is a writer who has worked for both public and private clients for over 20 years. From test procedures and process documents to web copy and content, she has delivered on strong writing for multiple audiences focusing on a clear message for the target audience.

With a background of gathering and documenting requirements for web content, RFPs and other customer relationships, she works to ensure your message is clear and carries the message you want to impart.

Her focus is on working with clients to tell their stories and engage their customers to understand and use their products and services.  She writes to motivate, inform and create a path to successful dialogue with your clients.

Check out her blog where she shares some stories on an eclectic group of topics that all share the same message – there are many stories to be told – in and outside business – they all just need someone to tell the story. 

Contact Jane to help tell your stories to your customers:

Specializing in:

  • Case studies (customer stories)
    • Telling about your company and how your product or service helped solve a problem a client experienced and how other clients can benefit too.
  • Web site content
    • Content to add value to your web site: content that helps your customers learn more about your product and services and also provide answers to typical questions.
  • eNewsletters
    • Information for your clients – a regular update to your clients through email to help them make decisions on the best way to help themselves with additional information on your product or services.